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when it matters most — now.

Recruits with Deep Roots

Talent Hound

The common ancestral trait we share with most hounds is our instinct to hunt. We have an acute scent to follow the trail after being given thorough instructions from our clients. We have a phenomenal gift of persistence, stamina, relentless ability to run multiple searches until we track down the right candidate for our client. Hire our Talent Hounds.


Her thorough screening has resulted in a very high quality of candidates and a lot of time saving for me.

COO | CMO | Insurtech | Fintech
September 22, 2015

J. Deninger, CMO Insuretech/Fintech

Esther quickly understood what kind of person I needed and referred three amazing people. Thanks to Esther I found my first employee. Highly recommend, she is intuitive about people and screens for cultural fit in addition to skill fit. She has a good network and finds A+ talent

R. Gabel, Founder Tubular Labs

Esther is a high-energy, responsive, and professional recruiter that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with over the past year and a half. No matter the role or skill required, she’s been able to understand our needs and bring forth top-notch candidates for a great fit. She is also proactive with her communication and has been able to seamlessly sort through complicated schedules to best fit everyone’s interviewing availability

E. Hsu, Sr. Manager