Talent Hound provides customized recruitment services that fill the missing gaps in your company’s workforce. Whether you are a startup building a team from the ground floor or a Fortune 500 filling a recent vacancy, we will discover, evaluate, and acquire the a talent pool that supports your business objectives. We specialize in recruiting professionals in Creative Services, Marketing, and Development roles.

We specialize in these roles.

Creative Services

Art Director
Graphic Designer
Presentation Designers
Visual Designers
Interactive Designers
Brand Designer
3D Animator
Web Designer
Account Managers


Creative Director
Customer Success Director
Customer Success Manager
Lead Gen
Social Media Specialist
Public Relations Officer
Digital Marketing Director
Email Marketing
Campaign Manager
Marketing Analyst
Demand Generator
Copy Writer


Product Designer
UI/UX Designers
HTML CSS Developer
Javascript Programmer
Mobile App Developer
CMS Administrator
PHP Programmer

Our difference.

Beyond just professional competence, we match the right personality to the corporate culture. This ability to factor in a human elemant into our search sets us apart from AI solutions and other volume-based recruiting practices that are diluting the talent pool today. We won’t confine our talents to simple tags or catagories. We take our clients’ high-level business objectives and translate them into our search strategy in order to discover a different level of talent—who less interested in status quo and more interested in disrupting markets. We engage multiple sourcing techniques, software tools, and social networks to seek out the highest calibre of talent that possess the specific characteristics our clients needs and corporate culture.

Our Guarantee

We pride ourselves on being able to sense the perfect candidates whereby success is defined by a lasting connections they make with the company. Anything less falls short of our criteria for successful. However, some connections are destined to misalign. This is why we offer a money-back guarantee on commission for any candidate that does not stay with the company 60-day. Consider this a lengthy trial period with minimal risk.