Client need:

Prior to starting a candidate search, we find it imperative to  speak with our client’s on the phone, video conference, or meet in person to get a thorough understanding of its industry, company (management team, how did they came up with the idea, vision, VC funding, Corporate Culture, Competitors, etc), Products, Requisitions (roles and responsibilities), must haves/nice to haves, Company Benefits, Salary, etc.

Talent search: 

We have an extensive candidate database that we actively utilize and have grown for the past 20 years, but let’s face it we utilize multiple social media platforms to create interest and interview. We don’t just throw resumes at our clients and hope it sticks, we evaluate and present our top candidates to our clients.  As we interview candidates, we will evaluate the candidate’s skills, experience, behavior, communication skills and interest in our clients.

Talent Validation:

After 20 years, we have discovered that recruiting is both an art and a science. The art of recruiting is a based on multiple factors: building long-term relationships with both the clients and candidates, the process of understanding the client’s corporate culture, the role & responsibilities. Along with selling and attracting qualified candidates for those positions. We will interview the best possible applicants and present the best out of our selection process. The science of recruiting is all metrics driven. If a recruiting consultant submits X amount of resumes, and the client interviews X about of people, then it will yield X amount of placements. We strive to submit roughly 3-5 resumes, client interviews top 3, and yields to one hire. This is what makes us stand out from all the other recruiting firms. We make targeted matches and saves our client’s time and energy. 

Top Talent Selection: 

Our philosophy is to find the right match for you to save you time and money. We will do the upfront research for both the client and candidate. This philosophy is the cornerstone on which we have built our reputation.

Candidate interviews: 

During this stage, we assist in honing down interview time slots and properly communicate with both parties so each know what day, time and location they will interview, who they will interview with and anticipate length of the interview. 


If all else were successful, the final stage is negotiation. We normally set expectation up front prior to sending the candidate to interview. This is the most important stage for both client and candidate. We help negotiate salary, bonuses as well as equity.

Talent Follow-Up:

Ultimately, we build relationships for both our clients and candidates. We are confident in our process and evaluation that we continuously keep in touch to make sure both parties are continuously happy in their decision that we stand by our work and provide a 60 day money back guarantee. We agree to a full fee refund, if candidate terminates or is terminated from his or her position with Client within 60 days of candidate’s start date.